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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who lives in the US?

In the past 10 years, the US population has grown 
from 281.4 million residents to 309.3 million.  
In 2010, 40.0 million people were foreign born 
(13% of the total US population)  
Did you know that 53% of the foreign-born 
US residents are from Latin America
*23% being from Mexico.  

Since 2000, the Latin American population in the US has increased by 5.1 million, reaching 21.2 million in 2010. 

Mexico, Central America, South America

Here is a break down of the foreign-born US population:
~ 70% from Central America (55% México)
~ 18% Caribbean
~13% South America
~ 5% El Salvador
~ 5% Cuba

3/4 of all foreign-born from Central America, 79% were born in México

Distribution of Latin American and Caribbean Foreign Born by State: 2010
In 19 states, the foreign-born population from Latin America composed over half of the state's foreign born population.

The foreign-born population from Latin America represents 65% of the total foreign-born in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, New Mexico and Texas.

32% of the foreign-born population from Latin America are naturalized citizens.
Central America had the lowest percentage naturalized - 24%
Caribbean - 54%
Jamaica (61%) and Cuba (56%) have the highest percent naturalized
Mexico - 23% and Honduras - 21%

REACTION:  A large chunk of the country's population are not US-born residents.  To me, this says even more that the US is a salad bowl and not a melting pot.  There are a lot of students, workers, family members, etc. that have been living here for some time.  What efforts are out there to help these individuals?  How does this effect the US politically, economically, socially, demographically, culturally?  The highest naturalization rate is 61%, leaving a large percentage of the population whom have not received their citizenship yet. What percentage still has family in their native country who they are supporting?

All the information listed above is directly from the US Census Bureau "The Foreign Born From Latin America and the Caribbean: 2010" - American Community Survey Briefs, Issued in September 2011
(By Yesenta D. Acosta y G. Patricia de la Cruz)

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