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Monday, April 23, 2012

Jefferson County Literacy Council

Although my time is almost finished at UW-Whitewater, I hope to pass on some volunteer opportunities to future students.

An agency in the Whitewater area that has opportunities for student help is the Jefferson County Literacy Council.

Mission and Vision
The mission of the JCLC is to develop a better community through literacy. 

JCLC serves adults with literacy challenges, which includes immigrants trying to learn English or who are studying for the Citizenship exam. They also serve native adults who are learning more skills in math or perhaps preparing for their GED. 

Some of the more current needs are directly related US economic conditions and current job market.  Many adults are finding a need for higher skills training so they can be qualified for positions.  For example: JCLC has begun a computer keyboarding program.

With respect to immigration, the Latino population may face some challenges and understanding of the US culture they're currently living in.  JCLC teaches parents of school aged children English using a platform of school culture.

Another thing JCLC provides is a Civics Program which teaches adults about the resources in the local community as a platform for teaching English. 

Spanish Volunteer Opportunities!
For future students who are looking for volunteer opportunities, JCLC offers a few great programs that allow students to dive into the action and get involved. 

  • JCLC is in need of Advanced Spanish Students to aid in extensive written translation.  
  • Students could sign up for a 12 hour training course and become a tutor for adults with literacy needs.  For Spanish students, there is an opportunity to work with a Latino adult who may need your help. Since there is a 12 hour training, JCLC recommends dedicating 2 semesters towards this volunteer option so students can gain the full experience.
  • Family Routed In Reading is a pre-emergent bilingual literacy program for 3-5 year olds.  Spanish students could enroll in a 1 hour training course which can lead towards volunteering.  Students can help with 1 family night or several!
  • Lastly, JCLC is looking for interested student groups to help fundraise and spread awareness of the JCLC mission! JCLC staff are willing to provide the background information for student volunteers.  This opportunity would be greatly appreciated and would be a great philanthropy project for any student group!
The JCLC home page: http://www.jclc.us

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